Membership Information

How much? Only $20 a year. What a deal! You’ll probably spend the same amount of money paying for gas to drive to our meeting.

What do you get? To be with a group of 30 to 35 Christian writers who write to spread the Word of God as we know it to be. Plus, if you choose, your web address is posted on our web site. One more thing, you get a discount to our annual one-day seminar which is held in northwest Ohio.

What do we write? As individual believers our members have written for many types of media. Members are in various stages of their writing journeys, from “wannabe’s” to those who are published regularly.

When and where do we meet? Our official meetings are on the fourth Friday of January, March, May, July, and September from 11 a.m. with a speaker at noon. Sometimes we have a critique session, but not always, so we generally finish by 1 p.m. We meet at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church located on 315 South College Drive in Bowling Green. All other months we meet unofficially at Panera’s in Perrysburg at noon. Meetings will be cancelled if Bowling Green schools are cancelled due to bad weather OR have a two-hour delay.

What do we do during our meetings? During our official meetings program and business stuff are from 11 to noon. The program may consist of a guest speaker. Noon to 1 p.m. we brown bag for lunch. Then, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. we may have a friendly critique session. Unofficial meetings we eat, talk, laugh, share our successes and perhaps get some NWOCW business done.

Can I come to meetings even if I’m not a member? Yes.

What does the dues money go to? At $10 a member not a whole lot. We pay for things like this web page and guests who speak at our meetings.

How can I become a member? Bring $10 to our meetings, give us you mailing address and phone number and boom, you’re a member.

What will be expected of me if I become a member? WE WANT ….. you to bring your writing talents, at whatever stage, to our every meeting where friendly Christians can nurture your God-given gift for the written word.

Do I have to be a Christian to become a member? Yes.

Our meeting location (unless otherwise noted, such as the Panera lunch bunch) is:
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

315 South College Drive Bowling Green, Ohio 43402