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We are a group of Christians who are interested in written media that glorifies Jesus.

A word from the President
I first attended NW Ohio Christian Writers sometime in 2002. I remember feeling like I was taking this huge risk. Was I really declaring that what I had always wanted to do was be a writer?! For me, that’s what I was doing. Well, it was way too easy. These people were common folk and so comfortable to connect with. What I quickly learned was that they ranged in writing experience from the seasoned published author to the wannabe-working-on-it (like me). I didn’t always learn a ton from every meeting, but I kept learning. I was in a place where I could ask questions and get real answers. That was ten years ago. I am now the author of several magazine articles, anthology contributions, devotional contributions, two self-published books, one book compilation, and my own blog. I can’t believe it! Seriously. It’s a part-time thing, but I love that I’m getting paid something to do what I love. On top of that, God continues to use my stories in great ways.

Shelley R. Lee
Current President, NW Ohio Christian Writers

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